Janelle Tan is a Singaporean poet in New York City.

Janelle Tan is a poet living in Brooklyn. Born and raised in Singapore, she is an MFA candidate in poetry and teaches creative writing at New York University. Poems appear or are forthcoming in Winter Tangerine, Nat. Brut, The Boiler, Bodega, and elsewhere. She is Web Editor at Washington Square Review and reads for Perugia Press. She has been nominated for Best of the Net, and graduated with highest honors in English and Philosophy from Smith College. The only heaven she believes in is a basket of soup dumplings.



A Speck of Light on Blind Spots: Review of Esmé Weijun Wang’s The Collected Schizophrenias“, Singapore Unbound SP Blog



"When Walking, I Keep My Eyes Straight Ahead", Winter Tangerine, forthcoming

"Dancing", Nat. Brut, forthcoming

"Literacy", republished in Slant'd, forthcoming

"I Don't Know What Will End First: Us, or My Visa", Bodega

"Clack", The Boiler (2019 Best of the Net nomination)

"Literacy" (published as "Diagnosis: A Literacy"), Entropy

"Love Song for My Eyelids", "After the Third Bottle of Peroxide", Anomaly


Litany for the Living”, ”not just because it’s almost cuffing season", Up the Staircase Quarterly

“Prayer For Forgiveness Before Bed”, poets.org (Anne Bradstreet Prize from the Academy of American Poets)

“Ode to the Perfect Mai Li” (shortlisted for the 2018 Cosmonauts Avenue Poetry Prize)

“the trouble with the dictionary”, Bone Bouquet


“Motherland”, Stoneboat  (also featured in Gesa Matthies’ 2018 film The Lady in the Book)

“I am not japanese”, Arc Poetry Magazine



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